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Author: Alex at Cybersport
Best Game Hosting is your ultimate destination for all things related to game server hosting. We specialize in comparing and helping you discover the best game hosting providers globally. Through extensive research and reviews, we assist our users in finding the optimal host for their game servers. Our collaboration with hosting providers often results in reduced server pricing, and we provide exclusive coupons to offer our readers great value for money. Among the hosting providers we cover are ServerBlend, DatHost,, Host Havoc, Zap Hosting, Ping Perfect, and Hosthorde. We have meticulously reviewed and investigated over 200 hosting providers worldwide, spanning more than 220 games.

Whenever a new host emerges or periodically for existing game hosts, Best Game Hosting evaluates hosts, providing rankings to offer unbiased reviews of these game hosting providers. In contrast to biased and profit-centric comparison sites, we carefully assess and weigh all options, presenting them in a way that aids you in finding the perfect host.

Best Game Hosting categorizes game hosting server providers based on a per-game and per-category basis, delivering detailed reviews to our readers about the best game server hosting providers, including platforms like and Host Havoc. Host Havoc, for example, excels in the realm of the best game hosting locations, while offers a robust hosting option for games like CS:GO and Space Engineers. Visit the review page for each host or a specific game’s comparison page to delve into their strengths and weaknesses.

Find and Compare The Best Game Server Hosting Providers For those seeking the best game server hosting provider, our comprehensive lists are regularly updated in each section. Keep a close eye on our site for the most competitively priced game hosting providers.

Some of the pricier options, such as GameServers or Survival Servers, boast 15+ server locations and a wide game selection. Meanwhile, more budget-friendly options like Host Havoc or PingPerfect may have trade-offs when choosing a game hosting provider.

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You’ll notice that pricier providers often feature better control panels, allowing for easier website customization. Both Survival Servers and GameServers have developed their own advanced control panels, surpassing Multi-craft and TCAdmin.

Why Choose Best Game Hosting? Just like in any other investment, getting the best value for your money is crucial. Opting for the best game server hosting is essential for generating revenue from your server and ensuring the best possible experience for your players.

Here is the list of the top 5 best game server hosting providers in 2022, with ServerBlend leading the pack:

  1. ServerBlend
  2. Host Havoc
  3. PingPerfect
  4. IndifferentBroccoli
  5. ServerMiner

These game hosting providers focus exclusively on game hosting, unlike many others reviewed on the internet, which offer web hosting and other types rather than solely focusing on game hosting.